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Seriously Though, T.I. & Dr. Dre Did a Track Together: “Popped Off” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 01/05/12 | Filed under Top Stories, Downloads, T.I., Dr. Dre
I was listening to T.I. talk about working with Dr. Dre for his recent "Fuck Da City Up" mixtape when I suddenly realized, "Wait, T.I. and Dr. Dre worked together! Why isn't this a bigger deal?" I mean, we are talking about one of the biggest rappers ever working with one of the biggest producers ever for the first time. That's kind of like a big deal.

If anything's a sign of how much T.I. and Dre have fallen off in the last few years it's that everyone essentially ignored "Popped Off". TIP's only a hit and a few months from getting back on top, but I think most folks are sick of Dre at this point, especially when he essentially recycled the same instrumental we've heard here, here and here. (Props to TDotRaza for that spot.)

I'm convinced most people haven't actually listened to the song (not surprising considering it dropped over the holidays, or did and didn't particularly give a fuck. I completely understand why, but hop in your time machine to 2004, announce that T.I. and Dr. Dre are working on a song and watch hip-hop nation lose its collective shit.

How the times have changed.

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