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This Year in Hype: The ItsTheReal Edition

Posted by Nathan S. on 12/20/12 | Filed under Downloads, This Week in Hype, Podcasts, ItsTheReal
The apocalypse 2013 is almost upon us, so I thought it was only right to make the latest "This Week in Hype" a mega-podcast covering the year's biggest stories. And if I'm going to dive into over an hour of rap nerdery, there's no one I'd rather have join me than Jeff and Eric Rosenthal (aka ItsTheReal).

Loyal listeners will recognize that we threw out the usual format and freestyled; you just can't plan a conversation that's going to cover Ma$e hatred one minute and French Montana mixtapes the next. Much love to the Rosenthals for joining me; you should watch more of their hilarity here, read their writing here and here, and follow them here.

(Side Note: I might do on a solo podcast over the holidays - if my wife doesn't murder me for doing a rap podcast instead of spending time with the family - but this will likely be the last podcast of the year. The amount of support RefinedHype Nation has shown for the first few editions of "This Week in Hype" has been crazy. Thank you. I promise I'll work on getting even less terrible in 2013.)

Discussed This Week:

* Classic Hypemen Podcasts
* Chief Keef's longevity
* Rappers who have fallen off
* Goats pissing on restaurants
* A$AP Rocky's live show
* "Fighting in the Club" on Spotify
* Trinidad James' $2 million deal
* Album release parties at gentlemen clubs.
* Future's vulnerability

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