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This Week in Hype Podcast: The Antonio Tubbs Edition

Posted by Nathan S. on 02/08/13 | Filed under Downloads, This Week in Hype, Podcasts
Whether it's because RefinedHype Nation actually digs these podcasts, or I delusionally refuse to stop, the "This Week in Hype" train keeps rolling. This time around I brought on former Roc-A-Fella promoter, manager and modern day Renaissance man Antonio Tubbs to talk about the upcoming Grammys, the tenth anniversary of "GRODT" and much more.

As always, this is your podcast, let me know what you'd like to hear for next week's edition. And much respect to Antonio for coming on: you should follow him, and check out his new motivational album "The Theory of Change" right now. I told y'all he's a Renaissance man.

Discussed This Week:

* Predictions for the upcoming Grammy Awards.
* Will the Grammys get on their Denzel Washington "Training Day" shit for Nas?
* 2 Chainz, Jeezy, Kanye and everyone else we hope wins for crazy acceptance speech potential.
* The 10th Anniversary of 50 Cent's "Get Rich or Die Trying".
* How far 50's fallen, Jimmy Iovine's refusal to suck his dick.
* Our upcoming collaborative album, Doctor Dree's "D-Tox".

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