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The TreeHouseClub Smoke Some “MediCAL” Kush (Listen/Download)

Posted by Richard on 04/23/10 | Filed under Downloads, The TreeHouseClub

Though I don't partake in the herb (It just freaks me out, man), I do look forward to the day that American citizens, when American citizens, whatever their physical condition, are free to smoke whatever they damn well please. Till then, though, weed-lovers living in Cali and 13 other states will simply have to keep faking migraines in order to obtain some of that coveted MediCAL kush.

This track by the TreeHouseClub finds emcees DNEZ, Chris Focus and El Prez delivering a political statement rolled up (pun intended) in a classic smoking jam. Over the sparse synth boardwork of Jayson Knocks' sparse synth boardwork, the trio rhapsodize about the therapeutic and recreational value of their favorite plant. Craving more THC-drenched tracks from the THC? Grab a copy of their Red-Eye Flights EP, released 4/20 and available at their Bandcamp page.

Download "MediCAL" via UserShare

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