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Who Wants Dope New Music From Jon Connor, Voli & SMKA? (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 06/20/11 | Filed under Downloads, SMKA, Jon Connor, Voli
We're all friends here so I can be real, here's who it happened. As citizens of RefinedHype nation know I've been really impressed with the work that ATL production crew SMKA is doing - how many others could pull off something like "808s Experiment Vol. 3". So we started talking, threw out some ideas for working together and boom, 'The Report" is about to drop. Simple concept really: SMKA provides the beats, the mothership hooks up said beats with rappers, Beat Kangz comes through on the sponsorship and we drop it all as a mixtape containing our favorite up-and-coming emcees.

I'm way too involved to be objective, but lucky for me the music sounds so dope I can back up and the bragging and boasting. Seriously. Take a listen to the first two releases, Jon Connor's "Money Come Fast" and Voli's "Righteous Remain" and tell me they're not ill. Go ahead, I'll wait. Yeah, that's what I thought.

Big props to all the artists involved and the good folks over at SMKA. "The Report" drops this Wednesday, June 22. Try not to pee your pants in anticipation.

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Play Jon Connor - Money Comes Fast

Play Voli - Righteous Remain

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