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The Kid Daytona is “On the Hill” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 07/15/10 | Filed under Downloads, The Kid Daytona
The Kid Daytona On the Hill
After dropping a 6th Sense beat tape yesterday and challenging emcees to go in over one of the producer's versatile beats, I thought it was only write to hear a fresh emcee do exactly that. Thus I bring you The Kid Daytona and his new cut "On the Hill", produced, of course, by 6th.

Anyway, despite what his name might suggest, Daytona's from the Bronx (someone needs a My City interview) and he's bringing with his a rhyme style that's half laid back stoner, and half aggressive punchline emcee, both qualities that are evident throughout "On the Hill". I'm not quite sure what's so bad about "These n*ggas’ whole style resemble the fro on Tito," if you ask me he had a perfectly decent though not great fro, but you can't pick apart semantics with a flow this mellow and smooth. Although I did laugh at that "Softer than Greg Oden." Not sure if that's a reference to his weak performance on the court, of his infamous wang, but it's funny either way.

"On the Hill" will drop on the "LRG Presents: The Interlude" mixtape, set to drop sometime.

Download "On the Hill'" Directly

Start climbing that hill to Daytona right now and check out the track below.

Play The Kid Daytona - On the Hill

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