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Maybe The Illz is Just “Faded” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 11/17/09 | Filed under Downloads, The ILLZ
The Illz
You never know what to expect with a The Illz track, unless you expect the unexpected. I've heard Illz flow over Radiohead samples and spit aptly ill freestyles, and his new track "Faded" is an a predictably unpredictably cut that seamlessly mixes fearlessly honest and vulnerable lyrics with a hard-laced delivery and vocal samples from British folk singer Beth Orton's song cut "Stars All Seem to Weep." Yeah, that's right. The man was brave enough to flip a Beth Orton track into a boom-bap hip-hop cut. What?

"Faded" will be featured on The Illz upcoming album "The Pursuit", coming soon. Keep it locked for all the latest.

To download "Faded" click here or here.

Or if you can't wait another second to get faded, listen to the track right now below.

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Play The Illz - Faded

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