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Bieber’s Dad vs. The Manning Face: The RefinedHype Super Bowl Preview

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Brady Manning Super Bowl 2012

Well ladies and gents, although we’ve come to the end of the road, still I can’t let go. It’s the last time we’ll see a football being thrown in a meaningful game for around 7 months, so enjoy it. Also, don’t give me the “Oh, I don’t like the Pats or the Giants,” well neither do I but that doesn’t mean we can’t hope for a good game right? So go to the bar, a friend’s house, or host a party yourself. Also, if you’re feeling lucky enough to throw money on the game, check out the Superbowl preview column to know all you need to know about Justin Beiber’s dad versus Peyton Manning’s struggle face little brother.

So whom do you take? Possibly the best quarterback in the league or the one who’s currently the hottest? If you would of told me that Eli Manning would have better playoff statistics than Tom Brady, I would of laughed and assumed you still listen to Smilez & Southstar when no one was around. However, you’d also be right, and I’m not sure I have a solid answer to why. Throwing almost 1,000 yards, 8 touchdowns, and only 1 interception, Eli is beating Tom Brady in the post season in almost every quarterback category. Maybe it’s the confidence he has in himself or his receivers, but it is clear that Eli is playing on a whole new level and has been since he Christmas Eve game against the Jets. Since then, Eli has only thrown 2 picks, 20 touchdowns, and has had QB ratings as high as 136.7. I won’t sit here and act like Eli is the truth, because just a few months ago I was ranting about how Matthew Stafford got snubbed for a Pro Bowl spot when they chose Eli over him, I was wrong.

Don’t give Eli all the credit though, it’s not like he doesn’t have one of the best receivers if not the best in the league on his team. Oh, and did you notice how things just started to come together when Bradshaw and Jacobs thought it was the middle of the 2000’s again. Impactful runs that the duo has been giving have opened up play action and has freed up Nicks and Cruz all day. Oh yea, and don’t let Manningham get deep on you, sure its 50/50 chance he catches it but do you really want to play that game in the Superbowl?

So what about the Patriots? Belichick can’t lose to a team three times can he? Well Brady has to step up to help him out. Openly admitting he played a horrible game two weeks ago against the Ravens, only Lee Evans and Billy Cundiff bribe money kept the Pat’s Super Bowl dreams a reality. The good news for Tom is that his favorite receiver Gronkowski has been trying to practice and is still hopeful for the game; the bad news is he may not even get a chance to throw it against the Giants pass rush. Have you seen these guys? While we were all focused on Detroit stomping all over people and Suh trying to rip heads off, Matt Ryan was pretty much staring at the ants on the ground thanks to the Front End of the Giants D.

Unlike Matt Ryan however, Brady is a vet and knows when to get rid of the ball. The key to beating the Giants D is a shorter pass, and who throws shorter balls better than Brady. Even though Brady somehow averages more yards per throw than Eli (8.51 vs 8.38) you have to start thinking that more time with the ball is more time being introduced to black pass rushers with French names. (Pierre-Paul for you slow people) So what better way to expose the Giants D than curl routes to the TE’s and slants to Wes Welker, remember him?

So what are the keys to victory for both teams? The Giants can’t abandon the run! The Steelers showed a great game plan against the Pats this year by simply not allowing Brady to get the ball. While Bradshaw will get you 2 yards, then 3, then 2 again, a 20+ can come anytime, so you can’t get too pass heavy. Eli threw 58 times against the 49ers in the NFC Championship, that’s ridiculous. Also, the linebackers will have to step up for the Giants. Bumping receivers/Tight Ends and making sure they tackle well are key factors for the Giants. Hernandez and Gronkowski both rank in the top 10 for in the middle passes. For the Patriots, it’s about disrupting Eli and stopping the run. By stopping the run, you make Eli throw for another 9450450 times like last game. Even though as of late Eli has been confident and cool, you have to wonder how long it will last. Old habits come back at the worst times, and if Eli gets disrupted enough, look for a Patriots secondary who aren’t the greatest at covering but good at jumping routes to pick Eli in crucial situations.

Turnovers may be the deciding factor, and with Ellis-Green never fumbling the ball after 4 seasons in the NFL, you have to imagine if Brady is in good form it’s going to be a great game. Can Brady beat Joe Montana’s record for most post-season wins, or will Eli surpass his brother Jimmy Neutron Peyton Manning in Superbowl wins?

I’m thinking 24-20..I’ll let you decide who’s going to win.

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