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Five Must Have Songs For Any Summer Party

Posted by Danielle Harling on 06/24/10 | Filed under Top Stories, Features
Tupac Summer Party
Ladies and gentleman, it’s finally the start of summer! Time to break out the grill for that all too important summer BBQ and dust off your Havaianas flip flops for your homies annual pool party. Summertime is clearly the season for partying. But the party with the hottest guys and gals, strongest drinks, and flyest pool can easily become a dud if the music isn’t on point. Check out our picks for must have summertime party jams.

Tupac - “I Get Around”

As someone who grew up as a kid in the 90’s in Atlanta, to me Tupac’s “I Get Around” isn’t synonymous with raunchiness, but rather summertime pool parties. It was the ultimate 90’s party song. That along with “Whoomp There It Is,” “Rump Shaker,” and countless other songs. Just make sure not to play this song at any G-rated parties.

Enur ft. Natasja - “Calabria 2007”

A major club hit back in 2007, this sultry track is bound to give any party a major pick me up.

Big Boi - “Shutterbugg

Let’s not front, we all know Big Boi’s “Shutterbugg” is the jam! Expect this song to be played at numerous parties this summer. And if it isn’t, it might be time to move on to the next one…

Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff - “Summertime”

Not much of an explanation needed for this one. A classic summertime jam from the former Fresh Prince.

A Tribe Called Quest - “Electric Relaxation”

When it’s closing in on 2 a.m. and it’s time to change the mood from crunk to mellow put on this Tribe classic to smooth the mood.

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