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Hype Check: Is the Joey Bada$$ Era Just Beginning or Already Ending?

Posted by Lucas G. on 10/28/13 | Filed under Top Stories, Opinion, Joey Badass, Pro Era

As I sat down yesterday to do a write-up of Joey Badda$$’ “My Yout Remix” (featuring the really talented yet unknown Maverick Sabre) for the mothership, I realized it had been a hot minute since we have heard from the young, Pro-Era leader. His Summer Knights tape dropped back in July and he was being heralded as the leader of the new old-school NYC revival, but since May he has been quieter than bunny sex on a sleep number mattress.

I haven’t heard a peep about his Summer Knights EP. Granted it is only a rehash of the tape, with 2 new songs, but still, I figured I would hear something about earlier than two days before it drops. Anyhow, it got me thinking about where Joey stands, and whether or not the buzz was too much.

Before we  go on to the questions I want to make one thing clear. I am not at all criticizing Joey. I don’t know enough about him or his work to do so, but am genuinely curiou,s because it seemed like he was hotter than a thousand suns not three months ago, and now its been all quiet on the New York front. This could also be the work of the blog world. Blogs have the tendency to build someone up as the greatest thing since sliced bread, then after a questionable release or the briefest brief hiatus, claim they have fallen off. It's a lot like how ESPN will label one team the Super Bowl champ after a big win, then when they lose the next week, completely forget about them. It is easy to throw out, rational, unbiased view points for more extreme, reactionary ones that ignore the inevitable peaks and valleys, but here at Refinedhype, we go that extra mile to NOT be one of those sites. So I am not saying Joey’s career has flopped like Lebron, I am also not saying he isn’t worthy of criticism (if it is just), I am merely trying to figure out just where the talented up-and-comer stands in this crazy mixed up rapper world of ours.

I am really more interested in the comments and results of the poll, but since I’m here, I’ll take a stab at it. Though I am not too familiar with Joey’s work, I’d like to think he has earned the benefit of the doubt here. It has become a requirement for emcees to drop something every month or so to stay relevant, but in reality, I’d rather have an emcee wait a little longer and release something memorable every so often, then something mediocre every month.

Still, waiting too long will put you in the Jay Electronica group and nobody wants to be there. I would like to see something from Bada$$ that isn’t a rehash of an older project before making any rash decisions. To me, Action Bronson is the more buzz worthy New Yorker; he has had a steady buzz for a while, and has cemented his status with an ample workload. Again I don’t want to go to far one way or the other, but it is interesting to look at an emcee who was red hot in July but (barring a big winter) would struggle to be in the top 10 emcees of 2013 list.

Just something to think about. Your thoughts RefinedHype Nation? 

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