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Stat Quo Takes Us to “Ghetto U.S.A.” (Video & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 11/17/09 | Filed under Downloads, Videos, Stat Quo
At its roots hip-hop was a music created to describe the conditions of poor, urban America, and while that's no longer always the culture's focus now ("Gucci Rag" anyone?), some emcees, like Atlanta representer Stat Quo, are still dedicating their craft to showing the world what life is truly like in "Ghetto U.S.A." Check out the video right now and hit the bottom of the page to download.

The Refined Take (download link is at the bottom):

1) I'm sure Glen Beck is going to start screaming and calling me a socialist for this, but the lesson here is really that despite relatively minor geographic and cultural differences, poor people everywhere are united in their poverty and would be much better off working together against the forces that conspire to keep them poor than engaging in senseless beef and war. I'll stop there before I start forcing everyone to listen to Dead Prez for the next five hours.

2) Good to see Stat give some specific love to Flint, Michigan, an automotive epicenter that's been extraordinarily hard hit by the recession. Times are hard everywhere, but on the real, they're harder in some places than others. My best wishes to everyone in Flint.

3) Do you think they rented a police car for the video or just had Stat drive around in a nice neighborhood until he inevitably got pulled over? It really could have gone either way.

4) After so many delays that Stat left Shady, his debut album "Statlanta" is finally set to drop in the beginning of 2010. If the rest of the album's anything like "Ghetto U.S.A." we could be in for one of the best new albums from an artist in a long time.

5) To download "Ghetto U.S.A." click here or here.

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