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Slum Village Visit the “Dope Man” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 11/12/09 | Filed under Downloads, Slum Village
Slum Village
Times have been tough for Detroit underground legends Slum Village. Not only did their founder and longtime production partner J Dilla pass away, but on-again-off-again group member Baatin also died from health complications this past February. Nothing can replace talent like that, but the remaining members of Slum Village are doing more than surviving, they're continuing to make dope hip-hop, as evidenced by their latest track "Dope Man", a track that understandably focuses on Slum Village's mortality and legacy.

"Dope Man" will be released on the forthcoming "Villa Manifesto Digital EP", exclusively available online on December 12. The official, full-length album version of the "Villa Manifesto" is set to drop in 2010. Both releases will feature tracks recorded with Baatin and Dilla. R.I.P.

To download "Dope Man" click here or here.

And if you just can't wait to (legally) visit the dope man, you can listen to the track below right now.

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Play Slum Village - Dope Man

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