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Skyzoo & Rhymefest “Crack the Code” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 02/24/10 | Filed under Top Stories, Downloads, Skyzoo, Rhymefest
Skyzoo Rhymefest Crack the Code
Some tracks sound so damn good they need no introduction, but then I'd be out of a job, so here we go. While in Chicago, New York based Skyzoo hit the SoundScape studio and happened to run into Windy City native Rhymefest. The two hit it off and decided to knock out "Crack the Code", a banging ode to their respective cities that uses a Beatnik & K-Salaam beat and will appear on RubyHornet and DJ RTC's "Closed Sessions Vol. 1" mixtape, set to drop on March 2. There's really nothing more I can say that the track can't say better, so for once, I'll just shut the f**k up and let the music play.

I lied (you knew I couldn't keep quiet). The beat here reminds me of an old school Talib Kweli beat. I don't think "Blackstar" but maybe something from "Reflection Eternal" or "Quality". It'd driving me crazy, can anyone help out?

Download "Crack the Code" via MediaFire
Download "Crack the Code" via UserShare.

To get code crackin right now, listen to the track below.

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Play Skyzoo & Rhymefest - Crack the Code

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