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A Complete Sports Breakdown of Shane Eli’s “Bo Jackson” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 02/04/11 | Filed under Top Stories, Downloads, Underground, Shane Eli, West Coast
Shane Eli Bo Jackson
If there's two things I love in this world, it's hip-hop, sports and Rosa Acosta stretching videos. (Ok, so that's three things, but you get the point). Naturally that means I'm pretty picky about my rap sports references; congratulations, you're now the 477th emcee to come up with "bring the Heat like Lebron." So believe me when I say that I can't remember ever hearing a track with as many dead on sports punchlines as Shane Eli's new single "Bo Jackson". And since RefinedHype's no stranger to breaking things down in ridiculous detail....

The Complete List of Every "Bo Jackson" Reference

1) Cover art is a re-creation of Nike's classic Bo Jackson poster.

2) Sample's from Phife Dawg's verse on A Tribe Called Quest's "Scenario": "Bo knows this / and Bo knows that / but Bo don't know jack cause Bo can't rap."

3) "Jersey #34 / I'm a Raider / I'm a Royal."

4) "My drink stiff like the arm of the Heisman I am grippin...."

5) "...I am just bull shittin like Scottie Pippen sittin."

6) "I am Cam Newton's dad, get my money in advance."

7) "I got super bowls we can puff." (Don't get it? Ask Wiz Khalifa to explain.)

8) "Dock Ellis, half-baked / focused on home plate...." (Yep, Dock Ellis once pitched a no hitter while tripping balls on acid and speed. Good times.)

9) "You? Daryll Strawberry, ended on base."

10) "Goal oriented, Patrick Roy." (First NHL goalie reference in hip-hop history?)

11) "Mike Vick, call the dogs in this bitch." (You get it.)

12) "I'm Usain Bolt, insane flow / you slow holdin them snails up."

13) "Shift gears just like Dale does / earn marks while I earn hearts (Earnhardt) of the groupies showin their girl parts."

14) "Like Tiger Woods' ex-wife, I want it all."

15) "On the ball, like J. Cole's latest cover."

16) "It's the end of the line like Julius Peppers".

17) "Not moving vowels, I'm Boobie Miles...." (Nice "Friday Night Lights" call back.)

18) "...Stand behind my lines like I'm shooting fouls." (Think it over.)

19) "Get a good look no Dee Brown."

20) Tell them hos skate, Apolo Anton Ohno."

21) "Their sales about to dive, Greg Louganis, no homo."

God that was exhausting. I need a nap. If there's anything I missed, hit me up in the comments below.

"Bo Jackson" is the first official release from Shane Eli's upcoming album, "I Can Do Better", hosted by DJ Skee and dropping via the mothership in March. Guests set to appear on the album include Laws, Smoke DZA, El Prez, Playboy Tre, Rittz, Aleon Craft, Young Scolla and more. Keep it locked for more details.

Download "Bo Jackson" Directly

Updated with a behind the scenes video of Shane putting together the beat:

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