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Rick Ross Reportedly Survives Drive-By Shooting, Wasn’t In His “Box Chevy” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Danielle Harling on 01/28/13 | Filed under Downloads, Rick Ross
With an intro that starts off with a scene from the movie "Lean On Me," it's pretty likely that you'll be heavily confused once the audio for Rick Ross' "Box Chevy" does finally kick in. I mean, there's not much of a segue between Principal Joe Clark scolding one of his students about their attempted drug use and Ross informing listeners, "I smell pu**y on these ni**as" at the start of the song so the confusion is very much warranted.

"Lean On Me" intro aside, "Box Chevy" boasts a musical formula that's featured on most of Ross' songs. There's the brolic, in-your-face production courtesy of D-Rich and on the lyrical end, Ross seems to spend most of the song informing the listener of how much of a boss he is. Needless to say it's a pretty familiar story.

And speaking of stories, Rick Ross was reportedly the victim of a drive-by shooting over the weekend while riding around the streets of Fort Lauderdale, Florida in his (bullet proof?) Rolls Royce. He and a female passenger were unharmed, although their driver clearly needs to take lessons from Ryan Gosling after crashing into a building while attempting to flee.

So...yeah, there's that.

UPDATE: 50 Cent claims Rick Ross staged the shooting, because of course he does.

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