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Rick Ross Living The Good Life, Baby Mountain Lions And All, In “Ashamed” (Video)

Posted by Danielle Harling on 03/05/13 | Filed under Videos, Rick Ross

I'm guessing Rick Ross' new "Ashamed" music video is his way of saying, "Hey guys, I've got copious amounts of Ciroc, some great female company, and a baby mountain lion so I'm A-OK." The "Ashamed" visuals could have been filmed before all the February drama, but its release is definitely a great way to bring about a little normalcy and put the focus back on the rapper's music.

I do have a minor gripe with the cameo from Ross' furry friend though. As cute as its appearance may be, I do feel somewhat bad for the baby mountain lion in Ross' video. I mean how would you feel if some random rapper was wearing one of your dead homies around his neck? It's like a PETA ad gone terribly wrong.

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