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Return of the Real: Chuuwee is Next to Blow (Exclusive Interview)

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Return of the Real
I don’t sing. I don’t rhyme. I can’t produce tracks. I’m often the only non-rapper in a room. But I’ve always had an ear for good music and because of that, folks have respected my honest opinion. I don’t hold back. I’m also a fan of music. I actually remember when that meant something. RefinedHype has given me the opportunity to showcase a dope artist weekly, someone who is on the rise that has caught my ear and that you should definitely check out. This is "Return of The Real". Chea!

His name is Chuuwee. He’s an emcee. And his rhymes are dope.

He comes from a Sacramento Hip-Hop scene that boasts talent like DLRN, Illecism and Mean Doe Green, among others.

It seems like Chuuwee is everywhere and on any project he can squeeze in a verse. In our interview, he attributes some of that feature success to "Hot N’ Ready", a project he did with producer Lee Bannon.

I first heard Chuuwee spit bars on J. Good’s project "Scrubs: The Lost Mixtape". And then I heard more from him on Keno’s project Sleeping Giant. I was impressed. There is something about the energy that he puts into a track. His word play is fresh and the Sacramento native brings his strong presence to anything he’s featured on. And the more and more you dig into his feature/project catalog, the more you realize his lyrical abilities are incredible. Chuuwee is not a joke. Just play one of his newest tracks, “Post-Mortem” produced By Thug Poet, and they’ll be no doubt in your mind that the dude is gifted.

So, whether you’re checking for Sacramento or emcees in general, Chuuwee should be added to your list of emcees on the rise. I recently reached out to him for an interview and we talked about the Sacramento Hip-Hop scene, his new project, who he’s listening to and more. Check out the Q&A:


ThroatChopU: I often see you talking about and shouting out TUS. So, first question Chuuwee, who is TUS and how did the crew form?

Chuuwee: TUS stands for "The Usual Suspects". It’s a camp of rappers and producers founded by myself, J.Good, and Tone Da Underdog. There's a bunch of us Rome, Tellapath, Keno, Four5ive, Drian, and a few more cats.

TC: Dope. So, you once said in an interview, "I rhyme to show cats that there's dope shit out of Sac and that there's still good shit out there amongst everything that's wack." Do you think that the Sacramento scene is overlooked? If so, why?

Chuuwee: I feel like Sac is extremely overlooked and a lot of it is our own fault. There is so much talent in Sac but everyone is so busy hating and segregating themselves, that we can't use each others outlets to put the entire city on. I feel in a way Sac is reminiscent of the Detroit Hip-Hop scene. Almost everyone in Detroit is raw, just like Sac.

TC: Who are some other heads in Sacramento people should be checking for?

Chuuwee: People should definitely be checking for Lady Blue, TUS, Fly High, DLRN, C-Plus … there's too many nice cats … you just got to do the research.

TC: It seems like you're on a ton of features. How did that happen?

Chuuwee: I didn't even realize there were so many out to be honest [laughs]. A lot of them were songs I released again after the "HNR" ("Hot N’Ready") success and a few were joints from homies of mines and fellow MC's that wanted to work.


TC: Do you remember your first feature and what impact that had on getting more features?

Chuuwee: My first feature ever, that was big to me was on a joint with C-plus called "Goin Off". We recorded that a while ago and just sat on it. It was like my first track with a big name on the scene so people started listening out for me after that. I actually got my first "co-sign" if you will from Bosses and A.V. of State Cap. They were the first on the Sac Scene to really hold down my early music.

TC: You mentioned Hot N’ Ready, the project you recently released with Lee Bannon. How was it working with Lee Bannon on that project and where did the concept come from?

Chuuwee: It was an experience I'll say that much [laughs]. Bannon is a dope producer. He may be one of the best new producers of this century. I learned a lot from him while working just as far as the business side of music and even how to listen to music the way he does. Bannon has a keen ear to music not a lot of people can hear it the way he does. The idea for HNR came from a pizza box. Me and Bannon hooked up one day just kickin' it, and he wanted to work on a project after hearing some of my stuff. Later that night he was inspired by the pizza box from earlier and we just went from there.

TC: As I mentioned, you seem to be on a ton of features and constantly working. You're already working on a new project, right? Tell me a little about that

Chuuwee: I'm actually working on a few projects. I've got an EP coming out with Boston producer Jonathan Lowell and I’ve just finished up a mixtape I'm doing with a big name DJ. Can't give you guys any info yet but its called The Snack Bar. It’s like nothing you'd ever expect from me. [It’s a] very diverse tape. There also may be a few things from me and Cookin' Soul, so just keep your eyes peeled.

TC: Who else is featured on the new project?

Chuuwee: On "Be Cool" I got verses from my brother and partner in rhyme J.Good (The Avengers), my mom spits on there, Milwaukee emcee Haz Solo makes an appearance and another Sac native MJH.

TC: We’ve talked a bit about your music. But, who are you listening to on your iPod/Mp3 player? Whose music inspires you?

Chuuwee: I'm listening to a variety of stuff. I mainly listen to late 80's early 90's music. A lot of oldies. The classic hip-hop albums Reasonable Doubt and Put Your Boots On. And I'm even bumping The Isley Brothers, Billy Paul, The Outfield and Prince. My musical taste ranges.


TC: As an artist, what impact do you want to have on the people who listen to your music?

Chuuwee: I want people who hear my music to blaze one and just vibe out. I want my music to speak to people the way my favorite artist’s music speaks to me. There's a difference between hearing, listening, feeling and understanding music and I want mines to be the next level.

TC: Last question, what's next for you?

Chuuwee: Next? More big moves and more dope projects. My secret EP is almost completed and I've got a shit load of dope shit on the way for y'all so keep on the look out.

For more from Chuewee, connect with him via twitter and check out more music via his BandCamp.

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And of course, be sure to check out some music from Chuuwee right now, "HNR" and "Post Mortem".

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