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RefinedHype Highlights Atlanta-Based Fashion Line Siditty Misses

Posted by Danielle Harling on 02/16/10 | Filed under Siditty Misses, Women's Fashion
There are many fashion lines that claim to represent today’s independent, fashion-forward woman. And although a lot of these lines ultimately fail as a result of anything from lack of creativity to bad marketing, there are a few brands that somehow manage to keep their heads above water.

Take for instance Atlanta-based line, Siditty Misses. Although SM is pretty new to the world of fashion they have still managed to sell fun, feminine clothing without conforming. Siditty Misses aims “to dress the girl who is a head turner and is ready to steal the spotlight” and so far they’ve done just that. highlights a handful of Siditty Misses’ latest head-turning pieces.

WILDChild Sweatshirt, $40
Sidity Misses, WILDChild Sweatshirt

If over-sized Champion sweatshirts aren’t quite cutting it then check out Siditty Misses’ WILDchild sweatshirt. A feminine fit, along with zebra print helps maintain this sweatshirts girly charm.

Basic Bitches T-Shirt, $28
Sidity Misses, Basic Bitches T-Shirt

Oh, the basic bitches…it’s hard to imagine a world without them. Give them a piece of your mind with this “Basic Bitches Hate Me” t-shirt by Siditty Misses.

Geniveve Pant, $45
dity Misses, Geniveve PantSi

For the past year or so leggings have become the new it thing to wear, the only thing is they don’t come in much of a variety. Solve the problem of bland legging’s with Siditty Misses’ Geniveve pant. The Geniveve pant fits like leggings, but stands out with ankle zippers and a two-toned bow.

To make a purchase or to learn more about Siditty Misses visit

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