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The RefinedHype Guide to Not Being an A-Hole in the Club

Posted by Danielle Harling on 09/13/12 | Filed under Humor

You never want to be the a**hole at the club, it's just not a great position to put yourself in. And if you've somehow found yourself struggling with this we've come up with the oh so essential, "The RefinedHype Guide to Not Being an A-Hole in the Club."

Thank us later and by "thank" I do mean buy us infinite drink if you ever see us in the club - as long as they're not appletinis.

Don't Be Fashionably Late

Yeah yeah, I know it's cool to arrive at the club an hour before closing but in the end you're the one who's losing out on essential party time. But I mean if you're allergic to "Free Ciroc Before 11" and have a penchant for paying $30 at the door then please do arrive as late as you like. On top of that at 2 A.M. everyone's gonna be too damn wasted to care what you're wearing in the first place.

Pass On Being A Horrible Bar Patron

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it shouldn't take you 15 and a half minutes to choose between a vodka and cranberry and a vodka and tonic. Also, if you're going to take an hour and a half to drink a teeny weeny cocktail then please do it in the corner and not at the bar. You have to remember that you're at a bar at the club and not at the chic, new craft cocktail lounge. When you're at the club bar you should know precisely what you want to order and if you want to linger with your drink then don't linger for longer than 15 minutes.

Lastly, I hate to have to mention this one but I've seen it done way too many not tip with friggin' coins! Is it that hard to get your hand on a one-dollar bill?

Man Up & Ditch The "Tini"

Even if it's the PBR-tini or whiskey-straight-tini, there's no reason why a man should order any cocktail with "tini" in its title. You could be NFL offensive lineman size and the moment you open your mouth and say, "I'd like a Peaches & Cream Martini please," you turn into Tinkerbell.

Use Your Thinking Cap

Now here's the part where I get all after-school-special on you guys. A lot of fun can obviously be had at the club, but that doesn't mean common sense should go out the door. Never get crazy drunk (not a good look), watch your drink at all times (guys too), and be sure to follow all those pleasant suggestions above.

You're welcome, and if you're in need of further guidance, our good friends at Complex have you covered.

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