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Before They Were Famous, Rappers Talked Sh*t on Twitter Just Like You

Posted by Nathan S. on 06/25/13 | Filed under Top Stories, Humor, Opinion, Before They Blew
RefinedHype Nation knows I usually don't fucks with the "let's turn some tweets into an entire post" school of interwebs journalism that's so heavy in the game now. That's not writing, that's knowing how to copy an embed code.

But this shit? This shit right here? I wish I was above it...but I'm just not. This dude right here spent a few hours of his life looking up years old tweets from rappers, often years before they were even remotely famous. The overarching lesson? Surprise, surprise, rappers will talk shit before there's a check on the horizon, but as soon as those guest feature calls start coming in, everyone's best friends.

Now to be clear, I don't think anyone should apologize here, or even feel particularly bad. Some three year old tweets aren't incriminating evidence, they're a telling before and after glimpse of what happens when someone goes from "aspiring famous person" to "actual famous person who has to work with other actual famous people". If they've responded I've also included that.


French Montana

Wiz Khalifa

Travis Scott

Danny Brown

A#AP Rocky


Tyler The Creator

Action Bronson

See, you can't care about rap and not think that shit's at least interesting, but really, nothing groundbreaking here, although my favorite moment is easily when Danny Brown geeks out when Wale responds to him - now that's some real life shit.

And you know what, to show that it's all fair, sweet baby jesus knows I'm too lazy to do it, but if anyone wants to go through the last three years of RefinedHype tweets (there's 25K worth) and pull up some embarrassing shit, have at it. Who knows, you might even dig up that one time I said Yung Berg was going to become the next Nas.

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