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What’s the Rap Line of the Year (So Far)?

Posted by Nathan S. on 10/09/13 | Filed under Debates, RH Nation Answers

I'd love to say that there's some carefully crafted method for how RefinedHype comes up with articles. I like to picture myself in a corner office while a team of young geniuses pore over the stats in glass-enclosed conference rooms, coming up with meticulous, Bill James-esque stats about what topic ideas will perform best.'s really just me, and most of the time I'm drunk. An idea pops in my head, I think "That'd be cool to write about," and then I write it. There's, that's my process. Case in point, this new "Question of the Week".

I was listening to the "Versace (Remix)" doesnt matter why, fuck you, I was just listening to it...and I literally laughed out loud at Drake's "I'm tryin to give Halle Berry a baby and no one can stop me." Come on now, you have to give it to Aubrey on that one, that's a fucking great line. And from there I started thinking about where it would rank in a "rap line of the year" discussion, and that'd be cool to write about, and now I'm writing about it.

As always, first we need to agree on the criteria. When I say line I literally mean line. Not song, not verse, I mean line. And by "best" I'm considering a combination of humor/seriousness and impact/prevalence. While there might be some overlap, that's not neccesarily the same thing as the dopest or most complex. For example, off the top of my head in 2012 I think your leading candidate would have been Jay Z' "Ball so hard motherfuckers want to fine me." There's a person who listens to hip-hop who didn't find themselves saying that line at least once, and if you didn't, everytime you heard it you instantly knew what song it was from. Popularity doesn't count for everything, there might be a worthy candidate that's relatively unknown and incredibly dope, but it matters. 

In terms of this year's candidates, I won't lie, there's on way I'm going to remember every worthy candidate (which is why I have RefinedHype Nation to help me), but I'll throw some out to start things off. That Drake "Halle Berry" line was hilarious, but it probably wasn't popular enough to really make it - if any Drizzy lines makes it into this conversation, it should probably be "Started from the bottom now we here." And hate it all you want, but Trinidad James' "Popped a molly I'm sweatin, whoooo!!!!" might just end up as the most repeated line of 2013. mostly because it's fun as fuck to say.

On a more serious note, Chance the Rapper's "they murkin here, they murder kids here" hit me so fucking hard the first time I heard it, that has to be in the conversation. And in an album full of memorable lines, I'm semi-adopted Killer Mike and El-p's "Fuck boys know the combination ain't healthy" as a personal motto.

Again, I can barely remember what songs dropped in 2013 and which didn't, let alone every dope line. But I know that the comments below are basically going to be a constant procession of me saying "Fuck yeah, that was a great line" and going back to listen to 50 songs. And for that, I think you in advance.

Let's do the damn thing....

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