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R. Kelly x Tyrese x Robin Thicke x The-Dream “Pregnant” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 11/25/09 | Filed under Downloads, R. Kelly, The-Dream, Robin Thicke, Tyrese
R. Kelly Pregnant
Seriously. Seriously? I just about peed my pants when I saw the new track by R. Kelly. Not only does it feature Kells, Tyrese, Robin Thicke and The-Dream, but it's called "Pregnant". I haven't been this excited since the first time I heard Hale Berry was topless in "Swordfish". After "Trapped in a Closet" I learned that Kells is not restrained by the boundaries of normal musical and human social conventions, so I could only imagine what he would do with a track called "Pregnant".

Sure enough, the man delivered. Within the first ten seconds we're treated to Kells softly crooning, "Girl, I want to get you pregnant" while a group of backup singers harmonize with a classy "knock you up!" Personally I could have done without Thicke (even if he does refer to his sperm as a "magic seed") but Tyrese and the always on point The-Dream are just cherries on this babymakin sundae. If nine months from now a lot of babies are being born named "Robert Sylvester" you'll know what happened.

(Side note: My favorite part of this track? When Kelly decides to randomly auto-tune the word "dog." Oh, and the way he softly croons "Babysit it, gonna babysit it." Why? Only god...and Kelly...knows. It's the little things that matter with Kelly.)

Download "Pregnant" w/MediaFire.
Download "Pregnant" w/UserShare.

To get impregnated by R. Kelly right speaking...listen to the track below.

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Play R. Kelly ft. Tyrese, Robin Thicke & The-Dream - Pregnant

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