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Pusha T Gives Look Inside G.O.O.D. Music With Combat Jack (Podcast Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 02/04/13 | Filed under Downloads, Podcasts, Pusha T, Combat Jack
When it comes to this rap podcast thing, Combat Jack's one of the best to do it (besides me, of course). He always gets artists to go a little deeper than the usual interview, and his new joint with Pusha T is really no different.

Still, there's nothing here that serious Clipse and Pusha fans didn't already know. What makes this one a must listen is Pusha breaking down the G.O.O.D. Music creative process, from his fights with Kanye over only giving him eight bars on "I Don't Like" to just how many people are involved in even the most basic decisions.

Speaking of Clipse trivia though, have you seen their "lost" first video, "The Funeral". They did an entire album, "Exclusive Audio Footage", with Elektra, but it got shelved and "Funeral" was the only thing ever released from it. Keep an eye out for a non-braided Pusha and a very young Pharrell.

Podcast below the video - the interview starts around the mark 50 minute mark.

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