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Production Breakdown: Syl Johnson’s ‘Bout to Get Rich Off YeHova

Posted by Nathan S. on 02/21/12 | Filed under Features, Rap Nerdery, QuickHits, Production Breakdown

I know it's been a minute since we posted a Production Breakdown, but I know there are some fellow Rap Nerds out there who like to pass the time tracking down samples, so....

How much is a "Uh!!!" worth? We're about to find out.

'70s soul singer Syl Johnson is suing Kanye and Jay for sampling his song "Different Strokes" on their "Watch the Throne" release "The Joy". I know what you're thinking: didn't YeHova sample Curtis Mayfield's "The Making of You" for "The Joy"? Indeed, that's where the vocal sample comes from, but....

...go to the :24 mark of "The Joy" (above). Hear that "uh!!"? That would (allegedly) be Mr. Johnson on "Different Strokes":

Will Johnson end up winning the lawsuit? Who knows, but history tells us YeHova will just write him a check to get the whole thing over with quickly. Not too shabby for yelling into a microphone 30 years ago.

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