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Issa’s Pick 6: Week 2 - Will the Streak Continue? (Update)

Posted by Nathan S. on 09/16/11 | Filed under Features, Sports, Issa, NFL, Pick 6
(Editor's Note: Not only is Issa a nice up-and-coming rapper, he's a hardcore NFL head. So I've invited him to pick six games each week for a new column we're calling....wait for it..."Pick 6". As the season goes on we'll keep a running tally of his record. Make your picks in the comments below and see if you can best him. Got it? Let's go.)

Hey Guys. I'm Issa and welcome to "Pick 6". I was almost flawless on my first week picks, let's see if I can keep it going for Week 2.

Game 1:STL vs. NYG

St. Louis again to me seems to have a lot of weapons but NYG will bounce back at home from their defeat from my Washington Redskins (smile) in a impressive home win.

Prediction: Giants over Rams 35-14
Result: Giants over Rams 28-16

Game 2: PHI vs. ATL

Mike Vick does his thing against his former team in ATL and Philly goes 2-0.

Prediction: PHI over ATL 28-14
Result: ATL over PHI 35-31

Game 3:ARI vs. WAS

There's no question Arizona is rebuilding, they still have a great receiver in Fitzgerald, but my Redskins will become 2-0 this weekend in their second home win.

Prediction: WAS over ARI 24-14
Result: WAS over ARI 22-21

Game 4: SD vs. NE

Although San diego played a great game last week no game was better then New Englands'. Tom Brady crushing the NFL record for Monday night football passing for over 500 yards, and they're at home? NO brainer.

Prediction: NE over SD 42-17
Result: NE over SD 35-21

Game 5: BAL vs. TEN

Did you see what Baltimore did last weekend? Against Big ben and the sufficating defense of the Steelers? They ran for almost 200 rushing yards on the Steeler's defense, not a a good sign for Big Ben's squad. Ray Lewis is playing like a man possessed.

Prediction: BAL over TEN 28-17
Result: TEN over BAL 2613

Game 6: CHI vs. NO

Chicago is no stranger to road games and plays the game very well on the road, but they are going into week number 2 facing an angry N.O. Saints team who got beat at Green Bay last Thursday. I see a blow out here. Do you?

Prediction: NO over CHI 49-14
Result: NO over CHI 31-13

Check back in on Monday to see how Issa's picks did. For more from the DMV to ATL emcee, follow him on Twitter and check him out on YouTube, including his new remix of "Otis".

Season Record: Issa opened the season strong going 5-1 for week 1 of the season. Let's see if he can keep the streak going this weekend.

UPDATE: A far shakier week for Issa than his opening. With the Rams and Giants still yet to play, he went 3-2 this weekend. A loss by the Giants and he's hitting .500 this weekend, to mix my sports metaphors. A win by the Giants, however, and he'll finish a respectable 4-2.

UPDATE: A Giants win puts Issa at 4-2 for the week, 9-3 overall.

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