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Pac Div’s New Video May Be Missing A “Black Acura” But It Makes Up For It With Plenty Of Dopeness

Posted by Danielle Harling on 11/27/12 | Filed under Videos, Mac Miller, Pac Div

It'd probably be a safe bet to predict that Southern California trio Pac Div would ride into the sunset in a black Acura alongside fellow spitters Mac Miller and Raven Sorvino in the visuals for their record "Black Acura." Well, all bets are off because the music video for the cut does in no way feature that scenario.

Instead, the trio comprised of Like, Mibbs, and BeYoung are pictured in various, random settings. Take for instance Like getting his wash and dry on while a shirtless woman folds her Downy-fresh clothes or Pac Div praying over a meal of tortilla chips and ground beef with Mac Miller. None of it seems to make sense, but at the same time it somehow manages to make for a pretty dope visual.

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