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From NY to the ATL, a Hip-Hop Fall Fashion Preview

Posted by Danielle Harling on 09/22/09 | Filed under Men's Fashion
With the changing of the seasons comes the emergence of new fashions and styles. recently enlisted two artists, Webbafied and Senor Kaos, to give their outlook on what’s in (and out) this season. Representing two of the biggest cities in the country, New York City and Atlanta, Webb and Kaos might not be sitting front row center at fashion week but their feet are firmly placed in their cities and they’re well aware of what you might want to consider rocking this season.

Artist: Webbafied


Where He Resides: Brooklyn, New York

The 411: Raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn Webbafied was immersed in hip-hop at a young age. He wrote his first song at 12 and went on to release several solo albums and mixtapes. Webb is currently taking a break from touring in Europe.

Signature Style: “I would describe my signature style as hood chic.”

What's In: “Last season varsity jackets and Lumberjacks were in so I think this year we'll still have a bit of that goin’ down, but I’m guessing guys will dress up more than dress down. Look out for some trench coat action and some Bill Cosby sweaters poppin’ off.”

What's Out: “The skinny jeans movement must stop.”

Must Have Item: “I need a real exclusive New Era fitted cap. I don't rock team logo’s only exclusive caps so I’m looking for that nu nu.”

Popular Trends: “I've been getting into rocking clear lens frames. I'm not into the whole wearing glasses thing when they don't have lenses in them, but I'm not mad at rocking non-prescription joints.”

Brands To Look For: “I've never been too big on brand names if it's fly, it's fly. As long as my kicks are crispy and my fitted is tough my no-name solid color polo is enough for me.”


Artist: Senor Kaos

Senor Kaos

Where He Resides: Atlanta, Georgia

The 411: A New York City transplant, Senor Kaos has called Atlanta home for the past few years. Aside from rapping, Senor Kaos runs his own site and he also launched his own lifestyle marketing company back in 2003. He has had the opportunity to open for acts that include The Clipse, MF DOOM, Raekwon, Ghostface, and more.

Signature Style: “My signature style is comfortable! I'm out running around all day, everyday. Need my jeans to have some room in them, need my sneakers to be VERY comfortable, and durable.”

What's In: “I'mma try to get my Janelle Monae on, and walk around in a Tuxedo all day, everyday.”

What's Out: “Them tight ass jeans and anything with skulls and cross bones on it.”

Must Have Item: “Nike Air Trainer - "Bo Jacksons", the orange and blue ones.”

Popular Trends: “I'm scared to think about what might be popular. I wouldn't be surprised if I started seeing dudes buying jeans that only come up to their thighs on purpose, just so they can sag ‘em.”

Brands To Look For: “Frolab - They made that ‘Pick Fros, Not Fights’ t-shirt I was rocking in my "Automatic Classic" video. They got all kinds of heat. Based out of Los Angeles.”

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