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Nitty Scott MC Slips on Her “House Shoes” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 03/30/11 | Filed under Downloads, Underground, Nitty Scott MC
Nitty Scott MC House Shoes
Ever since Nicki Minaj became the biggest female rapper, well, ever, real hip-hop heads have been screaming for a female emcee to step up and knock Ms. Minaj down a couple spots. While Lil Kim has embarrassed herself trying, and there are plenty of relatively OG female rappers still going strong (I see you Jean Grae), what we really need is some new blood. New blood like Nitty Scott MC.

If you haven't heard Nitty I highly recommend starting with new release "House Shoes".Featuring a Dilla-influenced beat from Detroit producer House Shoes (yeah, same name as the title) and a hook from Mike Maven, this is first and foremost a display of lyrical dexterity: "."

Personally I'm digging it, and if you are too be sure to cop her upcoming mixtape, "The Cassette Chronicles", presented by Mick Boogie and arriving the mothership on April 5.

Download "House Shoes" Directly

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Play Nitty Scott the MC ft. Mike Maven - House Shoes

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