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New Rihanna Single “Russian Roulette” (Listen & Download…& Look)

Posted by Nathan S. on 10/20/09 | Filed under Downloads, Rihanna
Rihanna, Russian Roulette
Anticipation for Rihanna's new album "The Wait is Ova" (a title I'd highly recommend they change unless they only want 13-year-old girls to buy it), is building to a crescendo and the buzz will only get louder with the release of her first single, "Russian Roulette". "Russian Roulette" was written by her longtime hitmaking partner Ne-Yo and features wailing guitars and a spare sound that highlights Rihanna's clean voice. In other words, it'll get some serious airplay.

And you know I couldn't resists commenting on the cover for the single. First, yes, that's the official cover, not a pic I grabbed off some porn site. Second, on the plus side this pic will obviously get people talking (mission accomplished), but if any parents of the aforementioned 13-year-old girls catch sight of it there's no way they're letting their impressionable children buy the album (though they may just buy it for themselves). Still, in the end sex always sells, a fact Universal's clearly aware of.

And just to stir up some drama, I've got money that says her new album outsells Chris Brown's next project (whenever that is). Anyone want to bet against me?

To download "Russian Roulette" click here or here. You can listen to it first below.

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Play Rihanna - Russian Roulette

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