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Can You Guess the Mystery Booty of the Week? (Pics)

Posted by Nathan S. on 07/27/10 | Filed under Top Stories, MBOW, Features
A lot of sites have eye candy, but this is RefinedHype, and around here we do things a little differently. We're out for something with a little more nutritional value than just a quick sugar high. That's why I'm starting up a new series, the "Mystery Booty of the Week", or "MBOW" for short. It's not complicated. Every week I'll post several pics of a new cutie, or more accurately, I'll post pics of a new cuties' body, sans face. Then it's up to you to figure out the MBOW's identity. (Oh what, like you were looking at her face anyway?)

The first person in the comments to correctly guess who the MBOW is will get a huge shout out when I reveal the MBOW's identity on Thursday. If this really blows up I'll get a sponsor on board so you can be properly rewarded for

Anyone can stare, it takes a true connoisseur to compete in MBOW. Pics are below, have at it. Godspeed. (Clue: For reasons that will become clear on Thursday's, this week the "B" in "MBOW" stands more for "Boobs" than "Booty". You stay classy RefinedHype.)

UPDATE: This week's MBOW has been revealed.

Kanye's New Girlfriend Shay

Kanye's New Girlfriend Shay

Kanye's New Girlfriend Shay

Kanye's New Girlfriend Shay

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