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What’s the Most Annoying Trend in Hip-Hop?

Posted by Nathan S. on 12/03/12 | Filed under Opinion

We asked this question over on the mothership and it got a big response, and since it seemed like exactly the kind of shit RefinedHype Nation would eat up like Rick Ross at Long John Silver, I had to bring it to the site as well.

More specifically: What’s Hip-Hop’s Most Annoying Trend?

Should be pretty self-explanatory, and it’s a great question. If this was 2010 the answer would easily be auto-tune, but with a few exceptions, it looks like the auto-tune days are behind us.

And if this was 2011, I’d have to go with an overuse of the word “swag”, but while swag is far from dead, it doesn’t feel like the overwhelming trend it once was.

Today, in the dawn of 2013, I’ve got to go with the “dubstep” explosion. I don’t personally particularly like a lot of dubstep/EDM, basically I feel like this, but on the whole I don’t have a problem with it. If you’re about that life, more power to you.

What I do have a problem with is records that are so obviously the result of some major label A&R, or hell some underground dude trying to prove how cool and “outside the box” he is, throwing some dubstep into their shit because it’s the new hot sound. Like this:

or this…

It’s really no different than some bubble gum pop princess putting a rap verse on her song for some “street cred”; just a blatant bid to bandwagon another music culture’s fans.

So there, I’m going with “rappers forcing dubstep shit into their songs” as the most annoying rap trend of 2012 - and I'm predicting it's only going to get worse before it gets better. What you got?

(p.s. – We’re talking about “trends” here, not individual songs/rappers/etc.)

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