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Meet Eryn Allen Kane

Posted by Lucas G. on 01/07/14 | Filed under Videos, Non Hip-Hop, Meet, Eryn Allen Kane

Between the useless, free crap I get a sporting events or clothes that don't fit but I refuse to throw away, I am a pack rat. 99% the time it is a burden that results in me having way too many Wizards bobbleheads, but on occasion it can be useful. On Twitter I am also a pack rat. I NEVER unfollow anyone because I worry that I might miss something important. While my timeline can become swamped, yesterday it served as a good thing because thanks to some random retweet from someone I don't even know, I stumbled across Eryn Allen Kane. I make it a goal to check out as much music a possible (because you never know) and this next artist exact reason why; she makes never unfollowing anyone worth it.

For the first "Meet" of 2014 I proudly introduce Eryn Allen Kane.

It takes some serious balls to start your song with a Nina Simone lyric. At first I was taken aback, but with a simmering, bluesy vibe to her voice songstress has the chops to make it work. I can't get enough of "Hollow". It slowly and slowly builds and the more you listen the more you are entranced. I liked it right off the bat, but as the song went on, I was slowly and subtly memorized; by the end I was hooked. There is so much passion in her voice but the understated vibe of it really makes for a nice listening experience. She doesn't seem like the kind who is going to blow you away by hitting Mariah Carey-esque notes, but the understated, velvety feel of her vocals is just as captivating. Aside from "Hollow" there isn't much of a sample size - her Youtube page has a few covers including the one below  -but I don't need three albums to know this girl can sing.

While I don't have more music to share, Eryn recently showed of her acting chops, appearing in a Funny Or Or Die skit called Sex Tape Dayalongside Austin Vesely who is responsible for many a Chance The Rapper video as well as the "Hollow" visuals. So she can sing, is funny, and has ties to Savemoney...I think I'm in love. I don't know what "it" is, but she definitely has it...a budding star if ever there was one. 

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