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Marsha Ambrosius & Diplo Make Their Way To The Battlefield On “Cold War” (Listen)

Posted by Danielle Harling on 11/30/12 | Filed under Diplo, Marsha Ambrosius
When I first saw that Marsha Ambrosius' new "Cold War" record was produced by Diplo I was half expecting a lively R&B cut that could double as musical arsenal for any given electro DJ at their mega-club of choice. But to my surprise, the Diplo and Picard Brothers-produced cut is actually pretty mellow and instead sports a sort of vintage, 80's-inspired beat.

"Cold War" is by no means a bad song, but I'm finding it pretty hard to get into this one. The problem might lie with the fact that parts of it sound like past releases from Ambrosius. Hopefully, we can get something a little more unexpected with the next "Friends & Lovers" release.

"Cold War" serves as the lead single from the songstress' "Friends & Lovers" album which is due out next year.

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