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Marsha Ambrosius Would Like You to Have Some Babies Now, Thanks (Mixtape Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 10/04/11 | Filed under Downloads, Mixtapes, Quick Hits, Marsha Amborius
Yeah, yeah, I know. "Shook Ones' is your favorite track of all-time. But stop fronting - that doesn't mean you don't turn the lights down low and reach for a little mood music when your lady's close. Just in case Marsha Ambrosius' stellar "Late Nights & Early Mornings" album doesn't already have you rocking a stroller, my new favorite singer re-up with "Late(r) Nights & Earl(ier) Morning", a free release that combines some new versions of album tracks with some unexpected material.

I mean, the woman's got a song on there called "I Wanna Fuck". Marsha is not playing when it comes to this baby-making game. Preview and download link below the tracklist:

1. Yours Sincerely (Full Version)
2. Do It Like That (Unreleased LNEM Track) (Prod & Written by Marsha Ambrosius)
3. I Wanna F*ck (Ft. DJ Aktive)
4. Let Me Go In Paris (Ft. DJ Aktive)
5. Lay Down With Some Chardonnay
6. Supastar (Prince Remix)
7. Have Your Way
8. Ballad of Hope She Cheats…
9. *Bonus Song

Listen & Download "Later Nights & Earlier Mornings" via HulkShare

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