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Marion Write’s Rhyme Skills are “Much Appreciated” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 11/06/09 | Filed under Downloads, Marion Write
Marion Write
You know what I appreciate? People who hand out Reese Cups at Halloween, Salma Hayek's bedroom scene in "Desperado" and emcees with original flows. That's why I appreciate Marion Write, and the Las Vegas rapper wants to return the love on his new track "Much Appreciated", a typically witty lyrical jaunt set over a carnival-esque beat. Coming off of producer Trade Voorhees' (whose name immediately reminded me of Lark Voorhies of "Saved by the Bell" fame) upcoming compilation album "1 Hour Horror Show", "Much Appreciated" is a worthy follow to Write's recently dope cut "May December Cipher".

Or as the man himself would put it: "I got my new blue suit on, runnin the biggest fuse on, the largest money maker like Luda next to Neptune gods." I'm gonna give you a minute to catch all the references in that line. Frankly it took me a couple listens.

To download "Much Appreciated" click here or here.

And if you can't wait another second to be appreciated, you can listen to the track below right now.

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Play Marion Write - Much Appreciated

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