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Marion Write, Dominique Larue & Eden Alexis Have “Dreams” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 03/29/10 | Filed under Downloads, Marion Write, Dominique LaRue
Marion Write
It's been a minute since we've heard from Las Vegas based up-and-comer Marion Write (see November's "Much Appreciated") but he's obviously been using all that time wisely, as his new track "Dreams" shows. Featuring appropriately ethereal, piano based production from SB, gripping vocals from Eden Alexis and a guest verse from "HerStory" creator Dominique Larue, "Dreams" is first and foremost Write's show as he gets on his storytelling tip and breaks down the lives of ordinary people whose dreams are cut short by tragedy.

While folks aren't getting killed like they are in Write's rhymes, I live in West Hollywood, and believe me, the only thing heavier than the smog are all the broken dreams littering the street. The truth is only a tiny fraction of folks achieve the success they dream of, especially in the entertainment industry. I'm not trying to stop anyone from pursuing their dreams, but before you do, just know it's going to be a harder road to walk than you could possibly imagine.

Download "Dreams" via UserShare
Download "Dreams" via MediaFire

To hear what broken dreams sound like (yeah!!!) check out the track right now below.

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