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Did Lupe Fiasco Respond to MTV With “Fire”? (Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 10/08/09 | Filed under Downloads, Lupe Fiasco
Lupe Fiasco

Today Lupe Fiasco - who has to be considered one of the best rappers alive himself - dropped a track called "Fire" that while he says isn't a direct response to MTV's recent "10 Hottest Rappers" list, the title and timing of the cut seem to be more than just a casual coincidence

As I pointed out in my breakdown of the "10 Hottest" list, the key is the word "hottest." What does "hot" really mean? If it means a swollen bank accounts and constant paparazzi coverage, then the chronically uncool Lupe is shit out of luck. But if it means spitting some absolutely ridiculous flows over an extended Jimi Hendrix sample, then he's absolutely on fire (sorry, couldn't resist). While Lupe might not call out MTV by name, the title and timing of the track are too much to be a coincidence to be an accident.

To download "Fire" click here or here.

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