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Little Brother Takes Their “Curtain Call” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 03/03/10 | Filed under Downloads, Little Brother
Little Brother LeftBack Album Cover
I'm officially flying the RefinedHype flag at half mast. After years of providing our eardrums with unfettered freshness, Little Brother (a.k.a. Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh) are calling it quits as a group, but before they officially go down in hip-hip history they're making one final push with their new album "Leftback" and their new single, the aptly named "Curtain Call". Just like you knew it would be, "Curtain Call" is a smoothly winding, rhyme-centric joint with no shortage of rewind worthy rhymes: "I'm acting Cam'ron-ish / I mean diplomatic."

Jay-Z reneged on his "retirement" album, will Little Brother follow suit? We'll find out when "Leftback" drops April 20 via Hall of Justus. Unlike Brett Farve, I wouldn't mind if Phonte and Pooh started Brett Farvin. I'm just saying, think it over guys.

Download "Curtain Call" via UserShare
Download "Curtain Call" via MediaFire

I would listen to the track below right now, before Little Brother is gone forever.

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Play Litte Brother - Curtain Call

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