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In Today’s Edition Of Why Rappers Should Leave Singing To The Pros: Lil Wayne’s “Awkward” (Listen)

Posted by Danielle Harling on 12/03/12 | Filed under Downloads, Lil Wayne, RefinedHate
If you're interested in hearing Lil Wayne completely ruin a decent beat then look no further than "Awkward," a record that completely lives up to its name. Serving as a mixtape cut from DJ Stevie J's "The Appreciation Vol. 5," "Awkward" is yet another record from Lil Wayne that warrants an immense amount of Refined Hate.

Sometimes bad things are bound to happen in life and Lil Wayne singing just happens to be one of them. My thing is if Weezy feels the urge to summon his inner crooner then why can't he at least ensure that the lyrics aren't dumb as all hell? Yeah Lil Wayne sings his way through "How To Love," but content-wise it's a decent tune and that in turn makes the rappers singing much more tolerable.

With "Awkward" and that hilariously awful record with Paris Hilton, it seems like it won't be too long before Lil Wayne buys himself a one-way ticket to Hip-Hop obscurity.

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