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Where Does Lil Wayne Belong on the All-Time Best Rappers List?

Posted by Nathan S. on 03/27/13 | Filed under Top Stories, Opinion, Lil Wayne, RefinedHype Nation Asks
It's become clear to me over the last few weeks that RefinedHype's comment section is the fucking awesomest on the interwebs. So I've been posting a weekly question and letting RefinedHype Nation have at it.

This week, the question I had to ask was clear. I asked it on the last podcast, and it's time to make it official in its own post: Where Does Lil Wayne Belong on the All-Time Best Rapper List? There was a time, around "Tha Carter III", when you could make a solid case that Lil Wayne was the best rapper alive. Period. Now, I literally don't know anyone who'd even put him in the Top 5 right now.

But if we're looking at Weezy's career in total, from his first real moment in the spotlight to his new supremely mediocre "I Am Not Human Being II" album, where will history place him on that Best Rapper List in the sky? What will his legacy be?

Some things to consider:

* Multiple platinum albums, an incredible 109 songs have charted in the Billboard Top 100. Last rapper to sell over 1 million copies of an album first week.
* 4 Grammys.
* For better or worse, huge cultural impact. Has probably fathered more styles than any rapper ever.
* I don't have the official stats, but I'm willing to bet he's released more minutes of music that any rapper ever (if anyone's topped him, they're not nearly as famous). The fact that so many of those minutes have been mediocre to terrible factors into his legacy.
* Knocked up Lauren London. Not sure how that factors in, but I felt like it had to be mentioned. Bonus points.

Personally, I'm still undecided about where I'd place him, but I'm not going to completely cop out. Musically he's not even in my top 30, but factoring in his total career and impact, I've got to still put him top 20, at the very least. Fuck it, I'll go....somewhat arbitrarily...number 12.

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