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Lauryn Hill Feels the “Repercussions” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 07/26/10 | Filed under Downloads, Lauryn Hill
Lauryn Hill
As regular readers know, I'm not a fan of reckless journalism (the kind sadly practiced by most of my blogging brethren), so let's make one thing clear. I have no idea where this new Lauryn Hill track "Repercussions" came from. It could be a leak from an upcoming album, it could be an unreleased track from the "Miseducation" sessions (although judging by the sound I'd say it's at least newer than that). Here's what I do know for sure:

1) Thanks to a recent and rare NPR interview, I know she now has five kids (five!), insists everyone call her "Ms. Lauryn Hill", doesn't like strangers to look her in the eyes and sometime communicates solely by placing Stick-It notes on people's chests. So yeah, she's a little bit crazy, and I say that will all due respect.

2) She's got a comeback of sorts in the works, starting with playing select Rock the Bells shows this summer.

3) Any new music from Lauryn, even new old music, is a blessing from god. Damn this sounds smooth. The Lauryn I know and love may be gone forever, but I'll never stop listening to the woman's music. Never.

Download "Repercussions" via UserShare
Download "Repercussions" via MediaFire

Feel the repercussions right now and listen to the track below.

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Play Lauryn Hill - Repercussions

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