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Is Kim Kardashian’s Booty Fake? An In-Depth Investigation

Posted by Nathan S. on 10/28/13 | Filed under Girls, Kim Kardashian

I'm on a mission to have RefinedHype win the first ever Pulitzer Prize for a rap site, and in looking over the Pulitzer criteria, I noticed that they looked "For a distinguished example of investigative reporting, using any available journalistic tool."

Well, as far as an available journalistic tool goes, I've got Google Images. And as far as distinquished is concerned, I'll just have to set my sites on answering some of modern society's most pressing questions. First it was Rihanna, then Nicki, and now I'm proud to present, "Is Kim Kardashian's Booty Fake?: An In-Depth Investigation". 

Now, this seems to be the go-to picture for this question, and most would look at it and call this investigation a closed case: 

Kim Kardashian Before and After

But while that might be good enough for your average reader, we're gunning for a Pulitzer here people. Before and after only tells so much of the story; people's bodies change naturally over the years. The bone structure in your face doesn't change (cough Kim cough), but a booty is just far and muscle, that can change dramatically (although dramatic natural change is unlikely). 

For more conclusive proof what we really need to pinpoint is the moment, if any, that Kim's booty size changed dramatically. It's all about context. When Sammy Sosa goes from hitting nearly twice as many homeruns in '98 as he did in '97, and by 2002 is back down to his pre-'98 homerun numbers, that's far more powerful evidence than a before and after pic. 

So really what we need to do is put together a comprehensive Kim Kardashian Booty Timeline that will allow us to spot any red flags (truly dramatic booty size increases). Like looking for abnormal spikes in a home run hitters stats, that's where we'll really find out evidence. If Kim's booty is natural, we should either see no change in booty size, or a gradual change over the years. 

Before we get started, I should note that Kim's insisted that she doesn't have butt implants, and has even undergone x-rays to prove it. I couldn't tell you any more about the specific science behind booty ehancements than I could about the specific science steroids, to I can't really speak to it. I'll let the pictures do the talking. 

Kim Kardashian Booty 2013

Kim Kardashian Booty 2012


Kim Kardashian Booty 2011


Kim Kardashian Booty

BonusKim Kardashian Poses Nude for W Magazine (NSFW Uncensored Pics)


Kim Kardashian Booty 2009


Kim Kardashian Booty 2009


Kim Kardashian Booty 2007

BonusThis was also the year that a....cinematic adventure with Brandy's little brother. I can't link to that for obvious reasons, but there's more...research material...for those intrepid...researchers. Kim also appeared in Playboy in 2007. 


Kim Kardashian Booty 2006

The Verdict: Given the evidence before us, it's hard to believe anything other than Kim had some sort of "enhancement", and it most likely occured during the 2006-2007 range; it's around 2008 that her posterior seems to go from "hey, that's a respectable booty" to "holy sweet baby jesus that thing is like a tectonic plate." Was that enhancement a "surgery"? I have no idea, my plastic surgery expertise is just barely above zero, but whatever happened, it's clear something happened. 

We laughed, we cried, we learned, I'd consider this time well spent. Thanks for joining me in this journey of knowledge RefinedHype Nation. 

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