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Kidz in the Hall Are Ready to “Take Over the World” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 03/05/10 | Filed under Downloads, Kidz in the Hall
Kidz in the Hall Colin Munroe Just Blaze Take Over the World
Well, now I have no idea what to expect from the Kidz in the Hall's new album "Land of Make Believe'. After dropping "Out to Lunch" yesterday, a minimalistic, quasi-boom-bap cut featuring some breast obsessed rhymes from Naledge, today the dynamic duo are back with their new single "Take Over the World", a synth heavy, radio friendly cut that still manages to keep the Kidz hip-hop credibility firmly intact. I'm going to have to let this one sink in some more, but right now, it sounds like the definition of a crossover hit, thanks in no small part to another hypnotic hook from Colin Munroe.

I really wish Naledge wasn't so obviously sweating Drake's style on the second verse. Oh well.

And there's no way I'm not dropping some Ali footage if they're going to include a pic like that. Download links are below the video.

Download "Take Over the World" via UserShare
Download "Take Over the World" via MediaFire

To hear the Kidz plans for world domination right now, check out the track below.

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Play Kidz in the Hall ft. Colin Munroe - Take Over the World

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