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Kanye West Asks, Can You “See Me Now?” (Listen & Direct Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 08/12/10 | Filed under Top Stories, Downloads, Kanye West, Beyonce, Uncle Charlie Wilson
Kanye West See Me Now
Goddamn we've got a lot of ground to cover. In true Kanye West fashion, his new record "See Me Now", which he says didn't make the cut for his new album, leaves us with no shortage of discussion points. I'm going to have to outline this mofo if I want to even begin to keep it straight:

1) Just minutes after premiering "See Me Now" on Hot97 with Angie Martinez Ye got tired of waiting and leaked the second single of his upcoming "not titled 'Good Ass Job' album. I'm sure the good folks at Def Jam aren't exactly happy, but props to Kanye for going directly to the people. From Kanye himself, this isn't a new single and won't be on the new album. It's an unreleased joint that didn't make the final cut.

2) Basically "See Me Now" is a musical orgy. In addition to production from Yeezy himself, the track also featured boardwork from his mentor No I.D. and he of the "B.M.F." beat, Lex Luger. Considering Lex' trademark is booming bass, I'd love to know what he contributed to this track. Maybe he just brought some great week to the studio and Kanye and I.D. were like, "F*ck it, let's give him a production credit."

3) Three producers? Why not two singers? As if bringing in Beyonce on the bridge wasn't enough (it's always strange to hear Queen B sing about "my niggas" getting out of jail), frequent Snoop collaborator Uncle Charlie Wilson also jumps in on the hook.

4) Rhyme wise, this frankly isn't Kanye's best work. I don't like him as much when he's on his fashion/swag tip, but he can still do it better than almost anyone else. I don't know if there's one truly memorable line on here. "My first watch was a Fossil, now I'm in the Louvre, looking for fossils"? Pretty predictable. I'd say his ad-libs on the end are actually much more entertaining.

5) Ultimately though, this is a hell of a track. Like the "Power" video, Kanye continues to drop tracks unlike anything we've seen/heard before, probably because he's inherently a delusional, egoistical maniac (as Kweli explained in this dope interview). But it's those delusions of grandeur that have ironically made him so great. Call it the Kanye paradox.

Download "See Me Now" Directly

Hear him now and listen to the track below.

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