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5 Must-See Moments From Kanye West’s “Where The Lonely Kids Go” Documentary

Posted by Danielle Harling on 05/14/13 | Filed under Videos, Kanye West

If you're like me then you probably lack patience when it comes to watching anything longer than 30 minutes via the internet (thanks Instagram, Twitter, online shopping, etc.). I tend to click on random moments throughout whatever video I'm watching and hope I don't miss anything exciting, thought-provoking, etc. So, if you can't watch the entire 45-minute long "Where The Lonely Kids Go When The Bell Rings" documentary on Kanye West then check out a few of these noteworthy moments from the fan-made documentary. And definitely check out the full video when your boss or professor isn't peering over your shoulder.

1:19 - Don't compare Kanye to no f**kin! - It's always interesting seeing hungry, up-and-coming, hella passionate Kanye in videos. It's also pretty ironic hearing him speak on being "the f**kin best" as far as rapping is concerned since he kinda did just that.

6:05 - Kanye's Grammy acceptance speech. - Something tells me if Kanye didn't win a Grammy that night he probably would have hopped on stage and yelled something along the lines of "The College Dropout" being the greatest record of all time.

15:43 - "It's no reality to celebrity." - Not sure if Kanye is really "past the concept of ego," but he does drop a lot of knowledge in this interview excerpt as he speaks on reinventing music and even uses the late Steve Jobs to stress his point.

27:58 - "808s & Heartbreak" and the passing of his mom. - In this clip, Kanye speaks on the death of his mom and how it shaped "808s & Heartbreak." He also touches on the use of auto-tune on the project and in music in general.

37:40 - "Runaway" performance. - The "Where The Lonely Kids Go When The Bell Rings" documentary is filled with performance footage from Kanye, but his performance at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards is easily a favorite for many and helps in closing out the documentary.

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