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K. Sparks x Julius Francis x Pajozo “Ride Wit Me (Whaddup!)” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 11/09/09 | Filed under Downloads, K. Sparks
K. Sparks Ride Wit Me (Whaddup!)
The word "freestyle" just doesn't mean what it used to. Nowadays it seems like the word means less "off the top of the dome" and more "I wrote this down last night, but I'm calling it a freestyle now." Well thank sweet baby jesus for K. Sparks and Julius Francis, two emcees who apparently still know what a "freestyle" is. Spark's latest track, "Ride Wit Me (Whaddup!)" he and Francis prove the art of the freestyle isn't dead over a dope beat from produced Pajozo.

Or as Sparks himself would say: "Myself and Pajozo are going to release our album this month entitled "Soul Food" is a leak that didn't make the project but is still features the homie Julius Francis...myself and Julius freestyled our verses off the top (which we normally do) the song came out dope...myself and Pajozo are aiming to release "Soul Food" on will be available at all digital retailers...props to everyone that supports"

To download "Ride Wit Me (Whaddup!)" click here or here.

Or to ride wit Sparks, Francis and Pajozo right now, listen to the track below.

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Play K. Sparks ft. Julius Francis - RideWitMe (Whaddup!)

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