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K. Sparks and Pajozo are “The One” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 11/23/09 | Filed under Downloads, K. Sparks
K. Sparks, Soulfood
For the past two weeks we've been dropping dopeness off rising hip-hop star K. Sparks and his production partner Pajozo's upcoming "Soul Food" project (see "Ride Wit Me" and "God's Love"), and now that the release of "Soul Food" is only days away anticipation is at a fever pitch...for fans of real hip-hop anyway. In order to continue to build some much-deserved hype, the duo has now released the aptly-soulful "The One", a track inspired by Keanu Reeves.

Keanu Reeves? Seriously? Yeah, seriously. I'll let Sparks explain: "I got the inspiration from watching a throw back DVD of The Matrix when Morpheus was talking to Neo and telling him that he's The One and no one in The Matrix could fuck with him...the beat knocks so it motivated me to come with solid punchlines and flow."

See, I told ya. Be on the lookout for "Soul Food", dropping very, very soon.

Download "The One" w/MediaFire.
Download "The One" w/UserShare.

Of course you can enter the Matrix right now and listen to the track below. Red pill or blue pill? Pick one.

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Play K. Sparks - The One

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