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K. Sparks x Pajozo x Beautiful Women “Hey Babe” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 12/07/09 | Filed under Downloads, K. Sparks
K. Sparks, Soulfood
K. Sparks and Pajozo's "Soul Food" project has been pushed back more times than an old man's hair line (wish I could take credit for that line but it's Sparks'), but while we're all waiting for the drop Sparks is making sure we still have plenty to keep our appetites wet with the release of the next leak off the project "Hey Babe", a female-centric track with some appropriately smooth production from Pajozo's always intricate rhymes.

On the "How successful would this line be if you really said it to a woman?" scale, with R. Kelly's "Girl I just want to get you pregnant" being a one and Talib Kweli's "Your skin's the inspiration for cocoa butter" being a ten, I'm going to give "Hey Babe" a seven. Calling any girl a "babe" can come off a little corny, but if you follow it with something like "she's like a symphony" you're probably in business. Act accordingly. Oh, and "Soul Food" is due to drop soon, I promise.

Download "Hey Babe" w/MediaFire.

Download "Hey Babe" w/UserShare

To start whistling at women right now (musically speaking, of course), listen to the track below.

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Play K. Sparks - Hey Babe

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