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K. Sparks and Pajozo Feel “God’s Love” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 11/16/09 | Filed under Downloads, K. Sparks
K. Sparks, Soulfood
Rap about drugs, alcohol, money or strippers and the radio will blast your track on repeat at listeners until they're ready to surrender like Noriega (the real Noriega). But write an uplifting song that even mentions god and they won't touch you. It's a good thing K. Sparks and Pajozo don't give a f**k. In the second leak ("Ride Wit Me" was the first) off their upcoming collaborative project "Soul Food", the always dope Sparks rhymes over some aptly soulful production from his production partner Pajozo, breaking down how "God's Love" touches us all.

You know what, I should probably just let Sparks himself explain why he made the song: "I wanted to create a song that had a purpose and was uplifting from the usual shake ya booty booty music most of these doja's put out (yes shot's were just taken BANG) as always I freestyled my verses...the song came out dope."

"Soul Food" is scheduled to appropriately drop on Thanksgiving. Stay tuned for more.

To download "God's Love" click here or here.

If you could use some of god's love right now via some hip-hop goodness, listen to the track below.

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Play K. Sparks - God's Love

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