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I Secretly Love This Juicy J “Who Da Neighbors” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 03/31/11 | Filed under Downloads, Juicy J, The South
Juicy J
Fuck you. I don't even need to apologize. There aren't many people out there doing more to put on lyrical, real hip-hop and assorted rap nerdery. Hell, I just dropped the earliest Kanye beat tape ever. But from time to time I like to turn my brain off, turn the volume up and turn on my Ignorant Bangers collection, the more ignorant (or should I say the ignoranter) the better. Juicy J and "Who Da Neighbors", welcome to the collection.

I mean, seriously. Lex Luger is the god's gift to ignorant rap beats, and Juicy's lyrics are so terrible they wrap around themselves, come full circle and become dope. Honestly, I could just listen to him mispronounce "enormous" all day ("enormonous"?). And I haven't even mentioned that he rhymes "people" with "people" about seven times. Everybody sing it with me, "My mansion sitting on 40 acres....."

And don't front like you don't have a collection of ignorant bangers youself. Who you got busting through the speakers?

Download "Who Da Neighbors" via HulkShare

p.s. - Oh, you mean the Kobe Bryant from the Lakers? Thanks for clarifying Juicy. I thought maybe you were talking about a different Kobe Bryant.

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Play Juicy J - Who Da Neighbors

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